Thursday, November 20, 2014

• A Sheerer, Milkier Fiji •

Now that the autumn months have rolled over I feel like I had to move aside my much used (and loved) Essie polish in Fiji that was painted on my nails for the majority of summer and post-summer months and bring on a more season appropriate shade. But, instead of going for those almost-black shades I decided to ease in with more of a nude colour. And I'm sure it's just coincidence that it's quite similar to Fiji..

Essie's Limo-scene looks like a nice pink toned nude - but it's so much more than that. If a few months ago you'd ask me if I wanted to try a sheer nail polish it would be a hands down no. Sheer lips, sheer base; yes! But sheer nail polish? That was out of the question. But my nails weren't feeling and looking that good and I thought that a polish like this would make them look good and let them breathe a bit. One layer of this gives a gorgeous sheer sheen to the nails that could be described as an almost there my-nails-but-better. To get the full shade you see on the tin you do have to build up around four coats but I love Limo-scene purely for this reason.

I know with a lot of people they don't really no what shade of nude suits them, so I think this would be a brilliant shade for that. It's definitely different to Fiji in many ways, but I do love them both just as much.

Do you think you'd like this shade?

Zazie x

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

• What's On My Face #5 •

It's bacckkk! It's been a while, but I decided to make another FOTD style post, as they really are one of my favourites to write. I haven't been changing up my makeup too much for autumn, but I do have a look I wanted to share with you all. (And I promise; I'll try to make a smokier look with a darker lip soon!)

To start off my base I used my L'Oreal Eau de Teint Foundation. It's one of my more sheerer foundations so I topped it off with my NARS Creamy Concealer which I'm sadly almost all out of. My skin looks pretty natural, so it's good if you don't want a full on flawless base. For my blush and bronzer I scrambled through my makeup drawer to find my Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzer which I completely forgot I owned. They're both really good quality for the price, although the bronzer is slightly shimmery so I wouldn't really use it to contour like the name would suggest.

On my eyes I wanted something that was quite quick, and so I used my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze. I don't even know why I use this as it's gone pretty much rock hard, but I managed to scrape a bit out of the pot as it's just so pretty. I then topped it off with my Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara, and didn't think it needed anything in the crease or any eyeliner to make it look complete.

And for lips, I simply used my Topshop Lipliner in Ceramic which I talked in depth about in Sunday's post (here).

Zazie x

Sunday, November 16, 2014

• The 90's Nude Lip •

[Please excuse my horrid chapped lips!]

We've all seen the horrors of the nineties lip fashion; brown lip liners paired with a concealer looking lip colour, but some gals did pull it off more subtly. I've never been much of a nude lip wearing person - if I want to go natural, I go sheer - but recently for some reason I've been wearing it a ton and I realised how versatile it is. I think a brown nude can be quite scary and only suit some, but after trying it myself I realised it doesn't actually look that bad.

I've had Rimmels Kate Moss Lipstick* in 103 in my collection a while now, but because it looked like I slapped some concealer on my lips I decided to abandon it to the back of my drawer. However, I've been dabbing it on recently and adding some blush to it to make it a little more wearable until it struck me: why don't I just buy a lip liner to go underneath it? And so I found myself in the makeup isles of Topshop. Here I found the perfect lipliner. Topshop's Lip Liner in Ceramic is the perfect mixture of brown nude and pink that looks great on its own, or underneath 103. And I must say I'm totally loving the latter! The formula is really creamy yet longlasting that doesn't feel uncomfortable, and when layered with lipstick, keeps it in place all day.

I think a brown toned nude is an awesome alternative to the typical berries and purples that people are sporting this season, and it goes with almost any eyelook. Watch out the 90's - Zazie's coming to stay.

Zazie x

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

• Sydney In Film •

I recently got the photos developed that I took with my film camera in Sydney, and I just had to share them. It's always an exciting moment when you look through all the photos you took weeks earlier, and despite the few pictures that were a bit of a failure, there were a good bunch! I hope you enjoy looking at them, they're mostly taken on either Bondi or Manly beach or on the ferry. I really did enjoy Sydney a lot, and if you ever want to go I'd highly recommend you do - it's sort of like England, but with good weather and palm trees. (And yes, that is indeed a picture of my toes..)

Zazie x 

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Sunday, November 09, 2014

• A BB Cream Good For The Skin •

Recently I've been noticing that when I'm wearing foundation (not a very often occasion), it doesn't seem to sit right. All of them seem to be going a little bit patchy and sticking to parts of my face and I have no idea why. I wanted to try out something a little lighter, and although the whole BB/CC mimic hasn't really caught up with me, I thought I might as well give one a try.

I've also been suffering from quite a few hormonal breakouts, and so when I spotted this gem I was très excited to give it a whirl. The Body Shop's Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream claims to "perfect your complexion and fights the look of blemishes using tea tree oil from Kenya'. Quite impressive. I was a bit hesitant as to which colour I am as I'm a bit crappy when it comes to colour matching and all that. but I decided to go for the lightest shade as I'd rather look like a ghost than an oompa loompa.

The formula is quite sheer and light for what the name would describe it being full coverage and heavy. It definitely doesn't hide all my blemishes but gives an even layer over the skin. It doesn't feel sticky or heavy at all and is buildable. I did expect it to be slightly thicker and heavier in coverage, but it's great for evening out skin tone. I've only been using this for around a week, and although I haven't seen a vast difference in my spots, it's definitely helped reduce them. There is quite a strong tea tree scent in it, but it does go away after a while and I don't mind at all. I think this is a great skincare/makeup hybrid that I'm really enjoying using.

Zazie x

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Saturday, November 01, 2014

• The Checked Shirt •

I haven't seen Winter in over two years, but I must admit - I do miss it. Maybe not so much the cold, but I love throwing on a pair of jeans and a jumper and be all snug and good to go. But we don't have Winter here in Singapore, so I must deal with it.

Back to what this post is about though, I have picked up a new piece that could be worn on that one occasional Autumn day (or in Spring and Summer of course). I haven't worn a shirt of sorts in years, but when I saw this I immediately knew that I'd love it. The Topshop MOTO Crop Check Shirt has a really soft material, not at all shirt-like. It's sort of cropped-sort of not in the way that it's quite loose and will show some skin. It's a gorgeous blue shade that I did think would clash a bit with my typical denim dark wash shorts, but it looks great on most shades of denim and black. Plus, I got it in the sale which always makes me feel a little bit better.

It's also really comfortable and let's admit, we all would rather be that then worrying about what you're wearing. Let me know if you like these fashion-y posts, and I'll try to post some more (emphasise on the 'try' - we all know me!)

Zazie x

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Monday, October 27, 2014

• Back To Basics •

On days when my makeup just isn't going well, I know I can always count on my firm favourites. One of these being, my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. I think I've talked about this a few too many times, but it's a cult favourite that deserves every ounce of hype. It's such a simple palette not a single brand has made one like it or one that come close to it. A neutral essential in anyones collection, it has six nude shades that are perfect transition colours, and with the recent addition of the Naked Basics 2 to the Naked family, I'm resisting not to order it.

Despite how simple this palette may look, it can actually create many versatile looks. A simple everyday look using W.O.S and Naked 2 in the crease can be turned into a smoky dramatic look by adding Faint and Crave into the outer V and along the upper and lower lash line.

It's pretty safe to say that this is one of my most used and loved palette I own. Nearly all of the shades are matte, so they are also a great base shades for more dramatic looks.

Zazie x

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